Introducing our innovative line of compostable takeout containers. Fuelled by today’s dining demands, our products are crafted from bagasse or aqueous-coated paper, offering a perfect fusion of utility and sustainability. They don’t just safeguard your food, these containers also represent our firm commitment to the environment. Fully compostable, our containers enrich the earth post-use, championing convenience without compromising our shared goal of a healthier planet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is aqueous coating?

Aqueous coating is a water-based protective layer that’s fast drying, odourless, and tasteless. A staple addition to our paper products, aqueous coating is water and grease resistant.

Is aqueous coating plastic-free?

The aqueous solution is mostly water-based, with microscopic polymers that form an even dispersion throughout the coating. Aqueous coating incorporates polymers that are free from solvents and volatile organic compounds that make plastic detrimental to the environment.

Traditional plastic linings require 15-30 grams of PE or PLA per square meter. Aqueous coating only needs 6 grams of polymer per square meter. Because the polymer content is so low, we can label aqueous coating as plastic-free.

Is aqueous coating compostable?

Yes! Aqueous-coated compostable takeout containers will decompose in roughly 182 days (6 months) in a commercial composting facility.

How long does it take bagasse containers to degrade?

Bagasse is made from sugarcane waste and is extremely renewable. Our compostable takeout containers are all-natural and don’t have a plastic lining. This means that they will degrade in a home compost within 90 days. In a commercial facility, they will break down in 45-60 days.

What is PFAS?

PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are chemicals that can repel water and grease and are often found in food service ware. Researchers link PFAS to serious health and environmental concerns, such as cancer, developmental delays, and the pollution of water sources.

Safer alternatives to PFAS include bio-wax, which is biodegradable and safe for the environment and our health.

Do bagasse containers contain PFAS?

PFAS chemicals are used in food packaging to repel water and grease. Researchers link these chemicals to health conditions and environmental degradation. Luckily, Origin Sustainables offers bagasse containers that are entirely PFAS-free.

Do you offer customization options?

We do! Please visit our contact us page for more information on customizing our compostable takeout containers.

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