Paper Takeout Bags

Created with 40% recycled paper, our paper takeout bags provide a resilient, user-friendly experience while reflecting an unwavering commitment to the environment. With a wider base for packing ease coupled with premium-grade paper, our paper bags are where function meets responsibility.

  • Premium-grade paper made from 40-80% recycled material
  • Made with renewable resources
  • Wide gusset base
  • Durable handles available
  • Tamper-evident adhesive available


5 – 25lb Capacity

Wide Gusset Base


Image SKU Style Material Dimensions Colour Package Size
PB13918K SOS Paper (120gsm) 12.5″x8.75″x17.75″ Kraft 200
PB10717K SOS Paper (120gsm) 10″x6.75″x16.5″ Kraft 250
PB13914KH Twisted Handle Paper (120gsm) 12.5″x8.75″x14.25″ Kraft 200
PB10513KH Twisted Handle Paper (120gsm) 9.75″x5″x13″ Kraft 150
PB10K Twisted Handle w/ Adhesive Paper (120gsm) 10″x7″x12″ Kraft 200

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your paper takeout bags compliant in Canada?

By the end of 2023, provinces across Canada will implement ban prohibiting the use and sale of plastic shopping bags. Our paper takeout bags are made with minimum 40% recycled paper, making them plastic ban compliant throughout Canada.

Why do your bags have an extra-wide base?

Our paper bags feature an extra-wide gusset base to provide enhanced stability. It also increases the bag’s capacity while reducing its height, facilitating easier packing.

Are your paper bags compostable?

Yes, our paper bags are compostable and can take roughly 4-6 weeks to decompose under the right conditions. However, unless they are food-soiled, we strongly recommend recycling them. This supports a longer lifecycle for the material.

Are your bags customizable?

Yes, our bags are fully customizable, offering the opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand, logo, or design. Contact us today for more information on customization.

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