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Time is Running Out for Plastics

As of December 20, 2022, Canada banned the manufacturing and importation of single-use plastics. More than half of the United States is already under some form of single-use plastics ban. And, the United Nations is working toward a restriction on plastic production within the next few years. The era of single-use plastics may be at its end, but the natural, eco-friendly solution has been here all along.

Mother Nature’s Perfect Solution

100% compostable, sustainable, and renewable solutions are growing in our backyard. Wood, bamboo, and sugarcane are excellent eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic-based products. Sustainable and fully biodegradable, these natural materials also require significantly less energy and processing to produce. It’s a win-win for the environment and those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Mother Nature's Perfect Solution
paper wrapped wood cutlery by origin sustainables
Bagasse Takeout Container

Made of Expertise

Origin Sustainables is the food industry’s specialist when it comes to natural and compostable foodservice ware. We are innovators and the people to come to for customized solutions. Sustainability is our soul. We are forever testing new species, striving to balance value and performance, and staying ahead of geopolitical, environmental, regulatory, and economic conditions.

With ethical sourcing and a robust in-house quality control team, our standards are unmatched. Origin Sustainables has put over 30 years into establishing strong partnerships with manufacturers, leading research institutions, and logistics providers. The result of all this? Complete reliability in our supply chain and unparalleled dependability and flexibility for our clients.

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