Portion Cups

Engineered for durability from responsibly sourced paper, our compostable portion cups reliably carry sides and sauces without leaving a harmful imprint on the environment. With an added layer of protection from aqueous coating, these microwaveable cups remain water and grease-resistant for up to two days.

  • Made with renewable resources
  • Water-resistant up to 3 days
  • Grease-resistant up to 2 days
  • Customize with your brand

Water & Oil Resistant

Home Compostable


*For items made from paper with aqueous coating


Image SKU Item Material Dimensions Colour Package Size
PPC-2WA 2oz Portion Cup Paper w/ Aqueous Coating 2.375″x1.125″ White 50×20
PPC-4WA 4oz Portion Cup Paper w/ Aqueous Coating 2.875″x1.875″ White 50×20
LPPC-62C Lid for 2oz Portion Cup PP 2.375″ Clear 100×20
LPPC-74C Lid for 4oz Portion Cup PP 2.875″ Clear 100×20
BSC-2W 2oz Portion Cup Bagasse 2.75″x1.125″ White 50×40
BSC-4W 4oz Portion Cup Bagasse 3″x2″ White 50×40
LBSC-2W Lid for 2oz Portion Cup Bagasse 2.75″ White 50×40
LBSC-4W Lid for 4oz Portion Cup Bagasse 3.125″ White 50×40

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