Paper Straws

Embrace sustainability without sacrificing style or durability with our premium compostable paper straws. Ideal for eco-conscious restaurants, cafes, and foodservice establishments, these straws are expertly crafted from four layers of high-grade paper, ensuring robustness that rivals traditional plastic straws. Our biodegradable paper straws are designed with the environment in mind, fully compostable and leaving no waste behind.

Available in an array of vibrant colors and patterns, they are printed with food-safe inks that won’t bleed into beverages. Make the eco-responsible choice with our paper straws and reduce your environmental footprint while maintaining impeccable service and visual appeal.

line of glass full of moss with black compostable straws
glass full of moss with a stack of black compostable straws
stack of black compostable straws
line of glass cups with compostable straws and moss


Image SKU Length Diameter Wrapped Colour Package Size
PSUBK66 6″ 6mm No Black 10×500
PSUBK86 8″ 6mm No Black 10×500
PSU8BE 8″ 6mm No Beige 10×500
PSU8BK 8″ 6mm No Black 10×500
PSU8WT 8″ 6mm No White 10×500
PSW8BK 8″ 6mm Paper Black 10×500
PSW8BE 8″ 6mm Paper Beige 10×500
PSW8WT 8″ 6mm Paper White 10×500
PSWBK810 8″ 10mm Paper Black 10×500
PSWBK88 8″ 8mm Paper Black 10×500
PSWWT810 8″ 10mm Paper White 10×500
PSWWT88 8″ 8mm Paper White 10×500
PSWBE88 8″ 8mm Paper Beige 10×500

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take paper straws to degrade?

Our paper straws are crafted from four layers of premium grade paper, no plastic lining needed! Compostable paper straws will degrade in 2-6 weeks in a home compost. In a commercial facility, they can take as little as 1 week to break down.

How long do paper straws last in drinks?

Our paper straws are designed to maintain their integrity throughout the typical lifespan of a beverage. They remain strong and functional for several hours, allowing you to enjoy your drink without them becoming mushy.

Can you recycle paper straws?

Our paper straws are compostable and should not be recycled with regular paper waste. They will break down best when composted.

Are your paper straws individually wrapped?

Our compostable straws are available individually wrapped in high-quality paper to promote hygiene and sustainability.

Do you offer customization options?

We offer customization options for all our paper wrapped straws. Please contact us to discuss how we can create tailored solutions that fit your needs.

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