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Our high-quality, premium airlaid napkins embody sophistication. Using 95% less water during production than paper napkins, they’re the perfect eco-friendly alternative. 100% made in Canada, these napkins are fully compostable and leave no trace behind. Our premium airliad napkins are also free from harmful dyes and are made with 93% cellulose paper pulp from sustainable sources.

Folded premium airlaid napkins on green moss
Close up of premium airlaid napkins

Their incredible durability is matched only by their exceptional absorbency . Our premium airlaid napkins are able to soak up even the largest spills without breaking down or losing their structural integrity. And unlike typical napkins, our air-laid napkins are far tougher, making them ideal for big events and restaurants, where a touch of refinement is appreciated. When you choose our napkins, you’re choosing the best in quality and sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take airlaid napkins to degrade?

Our premium airlaid napkins are all-natural and dye-free. 100% made in Canada, they will break down in a home compost within six months. In a commercial facility, napkins can take as little as a month to degrade.

Are airlaid napkins bleach-free?

Yes, our premium airlaid napkins are bleach-free. We prioritize eco-friendly manufacturing processes and refrain from using chlorine or other harsh chemicals.

Can you recycle airlaid napkins?

Due to their compostable nature, our airlaid napkins are not suitable for recycling with regular paper waste. Composting is the most sustainable method of disposal.

How do airlaid napkins compare to traditional paper napkins?

Airlaid napkins offer superior absorbency and strength compared to traditional paper napkins. They have a cloth-like feel and are highly durable, providing an enhanced dining experience. Our napkins are crafted to be soft to the touch,, offering a pleasant and efficient experience for wiping hands and faces.

Are your airlaid napkins available in different colours?

Yes, our airlaid napkins are available in Natural and White.


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