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Compostable Cutlery.

Our single-use compostable cutlery is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability and quality. We responsibly source our raw materials and hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency. Our in-house quality control team ensures that every manufacturer meets our stringent specifications, with defined product grading and inspection procedures to ensure consistent quality.

Wood Cutlery

We carefully select the wood for its superior quality and strength, then apply our unique design with a stamp. Next, the wood is thermo-formed into the desired shape and polished to perfection, resulting in cutlery that is as beautiful as it is functional. The reinforced body offers exceptional durability, providing compostable wood cutlery that is resistant to warping. The end results yields an exceptional and sustainable dining experience for our customers.

Compostable cutlery wood fork on moss
Compostable cutlery wood knife on moss
Compostable cutlery wood spoon on moss

Bagasse Cutlery

Meticulously crafted from the fibrous residue of sugarcane production, our compostable cutlery embodies elegance and durability. The manufacturing journey begins with the careful extraction of fibers from the crushed remnants of sugarcane stalks. Our purification process is then carried out diligently to ensure unparalleled quality. The refined fibers blend with water, creating a smooth slurry that we mold into cutlery. Upon completion of a thorough quality control regimen, the final masterpieces are polished to unveil their striking, ergonomic design.

Stack of bagasse forks with prongs facing camera
compostable cutlery bagasse spoon handle
compostable cutlery
compostable cutlery
stack of bagasse forks facing sideways
bagasse soup spoon in a circle over moss
bagasse soup spoon in a circle over moss

Paper Cutlery

Our paper cutlery is a revolutionary product that surpasses industry standards for both strength and sustainability. Utilizing our cutting-edge manufacturing process, we compress responsibly sourced, high quality paper fibers to create a resilient material capable of withstanding even the most challenging culinary tasks. Transcending conventional expectations, our paper cutlery exudes durability, presenting an elegant and dependable choice for disposable utensils. Our compostable cutlery is entirely free from harmful chemicals or additives, making it the safest and most environmentally friendly option for any event.

Paper forks and spoons on a black background with white squares
compostable cutlery
compostable cutlery

Bamboo Cutlery

We manufacture our bamboo cutlery through a meticulous process, commencing with the harvesting of  mature bamboo stalks, carefully chosen for their exceptional strength and resilience. Once harvested, these stalks are split into slender slats, which are then shaped and polished with precision to form ergonomically-designed utensils. Furthermore, the entire production process adheres to stringent ecological standards, minimizing waste and maximizing the utilization of the bamboo resources.

three bamboo forks on green moss
compostable cutlery
compostable cutlery
three bamboo knives on green moss
three bamboo spoons on green moss
compostable cutlery

Frequently Asked Questions

How is your wooden cutlery made?

Origin Sustainables uses high-quality birchwood for our single-use wood cutlery. We carefully select our wood for quality and strength. It’s then thermo-formed into the desired shape and polished to perfection.

Our wood cutlery is 100% natural and compostable, meaning there are no toxic chemicals that can impact consumers or the environment.

How long does it take single-use wood cutlery to degrade?

Our single-use wood cutlery is made without chemicals or toxins. All-natural, our cutlery can be compared to food waste, meaning it will degrade in a home compost or commercial facility in approximately 90 days.

How long does it take single-use bamboo cutlery to degrade?

Our single-use bamboo cutlery is all-natural and isn’t chemically treated. Like food waste, our cutlery will break down in a home compost or commercial facility in approximately 90 days.

Do products like wood cutlery impact our forests?

Wood products can impact our forests, but they don’t have to. Wood is a renewable resource, as trees can be replanted and regrown. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) makes sure that wood products come from responsibly managed forests, reducing deforestation while promoting biodiversity.

Do you offer customization options?

We offer customization options for all our cutlery. Please contact us to discuss how we can create tailored solutions that fit your needs.

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