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At Origin Sustainables, we immerse ourselves in the heart of the manufacturing process to ensure utmost transparency and critical insights. We accompany you every step of the way, offering support so you can plan and execute your strategies with confidence. We go beyond standard industry practices to ensure unmatched quality and precision.

Choosing Origin doesn’t just mean choosing a supplier — it means gaining a trustworthy business partner.

Supply Chain Risk Management

With a diversified footprint throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Origin’s supply chain is resilient and reliable. We diligently maintain direct relationships with each of our suppliers and implement a high level of rigor in vetting our supply chain partners. Our dedication to transparent communication allows us to effectively anticipate and address potential issues head on, keeping your supply consistent even in the face of shifting market conditions.

We manage risk with a multifaceted strategy. Our logistics experts carefully track each shipment while devising contingency plans to ensure timely delivery. By reinforcing a solid network of secondary suppliers and employing technology to enhance real-time monitoring, we are always prepared to respond swiftly to unforeseen complications. At Origin, our backups have backups to ensure every order arrives on time and in full.

Inventory Reliability

Inventory Planning

Origin goes beyond safety stock, deploying an all-encompassing approach that covers raw material sourcing to mitigate the effects of seasonality and supply chain disruptions. We strategically structure our operations within critical locations across Canada – British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario, ensuring quick response times and a reliable supply.

Our comprehensive approach allows us to work closely with our customers, manufacturers, and logistics partners, enabling all parties to coordinate effectively and deliver the right products in the right place at the right time. We protect your operations against potential disruptions and transportation costs through unwavering transparency, offering peace of mind and reliable service.

Quality Control

Origin places paramount emphasis on quality control to guarantee product excellence. Our in-house QC processes for regular shipments are comprehensive, inspecting everything from packaging to product details and quality. With additional third-party testing available, we set and adhere to exceptionally high QC standards that far exceed industry norms.

Quality control is not just a process but an integral part of our production. With dedicated QC specialists on the ground, we proactively eliminate potential defects during production while also conducting random audits at supplier sites. We manage each facet of production, from controlling material supply quality to the manufacturing process, guaranteeing unrivaled product quality.

We conduct quality testing both in-house and with SGS

We maintain transparency with customers regarding quality

We evaluate supplier reports with strict in-house standards

We maintain control over every aspect of the manufacturing process

Storage & Distribution

At Origin, we value flexibility and understand the importance of meeting unique storage and distribution needs. We leverage strategic alliances with third-party logistics providers throughout the US and Canada, proudly catering to the entire expanse of North America. Our decades worth of knowledge and experience enable us to provide distribution and storage solutions, all tailored to your specific requirements.

We manually vet every 3PL we engage with, ensuring their reliability meets our high standards. Whether you request a single case or an entire container, we provide comprehensive logistics solutions, utilizing air, ocean, rail, and ground freight shipping options. Through our exceptional customer service, comprehensive logistics solutions, and attention to detail, Origin ensures smooth operations without disruption. Whatever your needs, trust in Origin to deliver on time, in full, and with unmatched agility and precision.

Sourcing & Assurance

At Origin Sustainables, we take a hands-on approach in directly evaluating our manufacturers, reinforcing our commitment to authenticity. We personally visit and assess manufacturers to confirm production capabilities. This first-hand verification guarantees that our partners are fully equipped, meeting our high standards for quality and reliability.

By fostering relationships with self-sufficient manufacturers that maintain control over their own material sourcing, we tactfully eliminate the need for intermediaries. Through this efficient and strategic partnership model, we ensure our clients benefit from high-quality, competitively priced products.

Regulatory Compliance

At Origin, we turn regulatory compliance into a competitive advantage. We help clients confidently navigate the complexities of plastic ban regulations, transforming these prohibitions into windows for growth. Our focus on compostable materials ensures our products are compliant and environmentally conscious. By staying ahead of the curve through active research, we enable you to anticipate changes, adapt faster, and take the lead in your market – turning regulatory assurance into a strategic strength.

Our in-depth understanding of regional regulations means that with Origin, you’re prepared to tackle provincial and federal prohibitions head on. We tailor solutions to match your region-specific requirements, guiding you to the best compliant products for your business. We’re here to ensure compliance becomes a value-added element of your operations – not just a box to tick.

Product Development & Customization

We pride ourselves on providing customization services that give our clients total control, right down to the millimetre. We involve you in each phase of the design process, confirming every detail from style to material selection. Origin believes that each business is unique with its distinct set of goals and challenges. That’s why we don’t offer generic solutions; we provide strategic options that align with your requirements.

Clients can reach out to us directly for consultations where we’ll break down your goals and deliver tailored solutions that best represent your brand. Whether it’s unique adjustments or custom packaging, our solutions will set your business apart. With boots on the ground to ensure design precision and high-quality results, we’ll turn your vision into a reality.

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